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I love talking to clients about their style needs and coming up with  solutions and inspiration for them. 

Call or email for a free no obligation 30 minute chat about how I can help you take back control of your wardrobe.

I offer both online and 1:1 services to help with an outfit for an occasion to a full wardrobe overhaul.  Bespoke packages, joint sessions and gift vouchers are also available.

Online style S.O.S

Duration: Online via Skype & follow up boards/ links

Cost: £150

You might want to keep your budget tight or you’re short on time and that’s absolutely fine. Perhaps you would like my help but you live a long distance away.

Consisting of a detailed Skype call and followed up with a full shopping list with links and look boards.

This is ideal if you want some focused inspiration such as a new capsule wardrobe or seasonal updates

RSVP in Style

Duration: Online via Skype & follow up boards/ links

Cost: £150

This solution is specifically tailored towards putting together outfits for events. I see hundreds of women each year in my hat showroom , going to weddings, race days, christenings and investitures. If you need some expert help putting together a look for an event this solution is for you.

Many of the ladies I meet in my showroom have bought typical wedding outfits and spend much more than they needed to and worse still may never wear it again. If you would like to look for something that matches your style, I can present options to you.

Consisting of a detailed Skype call and followed up with a full shopping list with links and look boards.

Ultimate Clarity & Confidence Package

Duration: Half Day 4 hours/ Full Day 8 hours

Cost: £250 to £450

For a truly personal service, with a whole day dedicated to renewing and refreshing your style, this package is for you. This can be booked as two half days or a full day depending on your location and size of your wardrobe.

Firstly we will tackle your wardrobe. Shudder. Detox, edit, make over, call it what you will, but if you need some straight talking advice on how to sort through your wardrobe and bring clarity and calm to getting dressed each morning you have come to the right place. Yes there will be a lot of throwing out to create space for fresh items, but I’ve never thrown out a whole wardrobe, yet. We need to sort through your current wardrobe to make the most of what you have, or what you don’t have, so that when we shop we are spending your budget carefully. I will put together a shopping list to fill the gaps, confident that the colours, shapes and practicality are spot on.

On to the shopping. The overwhelm, the panic, giving up and buying the same outfit again. This might sound familiar?  If you’re in need of some guidance on where to best spend your budget and breeze through your shopping list, this is the package you are looking for. I will also show you ideas you might not have otherwise looked at.

Wardrobe overhaul £250 per session (if booked individually), includes travel up to 60 miles, thereafter 40p per mile.

Personal shopping half day up to 4 hours £250 per session (if booked individually), includes all pre-work. Travel for personal shopping is additional as follows: Leeds +£60, Nottingham +£30, London +£90.

If booked together this package is £450 (+ additional travel costs)