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Are you unsure about investing in personal styling?

Have you been wanting to do something about your wardrobe for some time but you’re unsure about taking the next step?

  1. You might be the face of your own business and want to make sure you are projecting the best image for your business.
  2. Maybe you have recently changed body shape from weight loss, gain or post pregnancy.
  3. Perhaps after having a child you no longer need your work wardrobe but your casual wardrobe is severely lacking.
  4. Would you benefit from an updated work wardrobe, perhaps you are aiming for a more senior role and want to look the part. If you have an interview a style refresh could help you to feel more confident.
  5. Do you have a big occasion coming up, a wedding or special celebration. Maybe you are planning outfits for a big holiday.

As an independent stylist I take no commissions from any stores. I simply use my expert knowledge to shop in the best places for my clients needs.

Why I'm the woman to help you take back control of your wardrobe..

I work with a variety of women, those who have busy careers, run their own businesses and full time mums. Often the ladies I work with are juggling all of the above and want to make getting dressed each morning as easy and possible whilst looking and feeling their best. I totally understand all that these roles involve both practically and emotionally, especially if you feel that your own style has somehow got lost amongst it all.

Clients who dedicate time with me to overhaul their wardrobes and re-build them enjoy the benefit of their experience immediately and in the months and years to come. Taking back control of your wardrobe and feeling confident in your style can really put a spring in your step and I love working with ladies to help them fall in love with their wardrobes again.

I started my personal styling business after stepping away from my fashion retail career in 2015. Having worked as a fashion technologist for M&S and John Lewis for over 8 years I was lucky enough to travel far and wide visiting factories all over the world and gaining a detailed insight into the workings of the fashion industry. As well as working to ensure the best quality garments arrived in stores I also did a lot of shopping, in both London and Paris.

Having seen the wider impact of our shopping habits first hand I don’t advocate throwaway fashion. I am passionate about quality clothes and firmly believe in the benefit of quality or quantity. If you have the right garments in your wardrobe, you need less. I have found this to be true personally. My wardrobe is not bulging, I love the pieces I own and I wear them often. This is largely down to knowing the strengths of different brands and making great decisions when you shop.

My focus in entirely on making the best of your budget, whether that is shopping in designer stores or on the high street, I can help you select the best possible quality items that you will love and that will last. However that also means you will never find me shopping in Primark.  I can also advise on refreshing, repairing and caring for the items you already have or where to find a new home for them. 

As well as my styling business I also own the Lincolnshire Get Ahead Hats Showroom.  When I’m not talking hats or clothes I love spending time outdoors, riding or walking my crazy little dog. Other things that light me up, I love interiors, making mood boards and spending time with my husband and daughter which usually involves coffee and cake!

I absolutely love talking to clients about their style needs and coming up with both solutions and inspiration for them. Take a look at my services and why not give me a call for a no obligation chat about how I can help you take back control of your wardrobe.